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Permit Number: TC-COM-0923-02239
Parcel: 117130410


Review Status: Requires Resubmit

Review Details: COMMERCIAL REVIEW - FULL v.2

Permit Number - TC-COM-0923-02239
Review Status: Requires Resubmit
Review Date Reviewer's Name Type of Review Description Status Comments
11/07/2023 Design Review APPROVED Design Professional Review Comments
Date: November 7, 2023
From: R. Fe Tom, AIA
Project: SD-0923-00081, TD-DEV-0523-00257, TC-COM-0923-02239 - 20 E. Ochoa St.- Westpoint Apartments II, 10 E Broadway TAC 22039
Re: Development Plan and Construction Documents Review

I have reviewed the Applicant's submittals for Development Plans (TD-DEV-052- 99257 dated 10-26-23) and Construction Documents (TC-COM-0923-02239 dated 10-26-23) for the West Point II Apartments and found the CD elevations and DP site drawings are similar to the approved DP and SD drawings dated 0-20-23.
As D ig􀀉 Professional for the City of Tucson, I therefore approve the documents submitted.
Richard Fe T m, AIA COT Design Professional
12/07/2023 Design Review APPROVED
12/07/2023 Bldg Permits - Post Review PENDING ASSIGNMENT
11/13/2023 External Reviewers - SAFEBuilt REQUIRES RESUBMIT Structural(S) Reviewer
Madeline Nelson
Date Completed : 11/11/2023 11:35:15 PM
1. GENERAL - COMMENT RESPONSES: Client responses to previous comments are satisfactory and previous open items are considered closed.

2. GENERAL - MASONRY SPECIFICATIONS: The Wall Framing Legend on Sheet S-200 indicates "8" CMU Wall. Refer to Specifications". Reviewer was unable to locate any specifications regarding typical masonry construction. Further, the typical framing details do not provide the minimum information required for masonry construction. Please provide the following information: material specifications, construction joint specifications, typical wall reinforcement (including bond beams, jambs, openings, vertical bars, foundation dowels, etc), and grouting spacing.

Building(B) Reviewer
Andrew Bevis
Date Completed : 10/31/2023 3:38:19 PM

Mechanical(M) Reviewer
Jorge Valido
Date Completed : 10/27/2023 8:32:47 PM
Sub duct drawing on Plan Sheet M3.1, #13 must meet:

2018 IMC Section 503.3 Exhaust Ducts - Domestic Cooking Exhaust Systems Shall discharge to the out doors in sheet metal duct constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper. Such ducts shall have smooth inner walls, shall be airtight, shall be equipped with a backdraft damper.

2018 IMC Section 505.5 Common Exhaust systems for domestic kitchens located in multistory structures. 1 thru 12

Electrical(E) Reviewer
Ron Ross
Approved with Comments
Date Completed : 10/3/2023 3:42:49 PM
Electrical Review
By: Ron Ross PE
E3.0 ENLARGED POWER PLANS 1ST FLOOR: Missing Keynote #7.


Missing Keynotes 8 and 14.

Missing description for Keynote #16.

E4.0 "SES-1" SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM / ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS: Should revise feeder notation to units (Typical)/ (A-B, N) as the meter stack is 3 phase and you will not restrict your feeders to the whole floor to A & B only as called out on Floor 7. Comment applies to all floors that call out for only using two out of 3 legs ie all floors.


Plumbing(P) Reviewer
Perry Hendershott
Date Completed : 11/1/2023 9:23:17 PM
Second Plumbing review: Comments 6 & 11 remain
1).Resolved- need to address building plan review Roof drainage comments 10,11 -IPC 1106.2

2). Resolved-add DFU load note next to each building drain exit on plan page P1.1 -IPC 710

3). Resolved-add concentric intake/exhaust illustration to the enlarged laundry gas water detail on P1.4 to correlate with water heater selection on Plan page P2.1-IFGC 304, 503.1

4). Resolved-Multiple central laundry facility washer drains will need to discharge to a Lint interceptor or lint interceptors, update all affected plumbing pages. -IPC 1003.6

5). Resolved-Lavatory waste Stack vents A & B on plan page P3.1 need to remain 3" thru roof level -IPC 913.3, 913.4

6).Un-resolved- - first floor laundry building drain detail C on P3.1 needs to remain 3" in its entirety & can't reduce in direction of flow.. -IPC 406.2, 704.2 ** STILL SHOWS 2" DOWNSTREAM OF MOP SINK"

7). Resolved-Plan page P3.1 Laundry stack C riser connection branches at each level need to be clear that the horizontal piping is 3" up to at least the first washer at each level see -IPC 406.2

8). Resolved-Waste Risers on P3.1 Shows two 1st floor public restrooms, that doesn't correlate with plumbing floor plan P1.1 that shows 3 public restrooms? -IPC 106.3.1

9). Resolved-Plan page P1.1 & P3.1 need to include a High/low drinking fountain. -IPC 403.1

10). Resolved-the 3" typical Roof conductor riser diagram on P3.1 needs to include an illustration for the set of the 4" storm conductors shown on P1.3. -IPC 106.3.1

11). Un-resolved-Plans need to include a civil drainage utility piping plan for the continuation of the storm as stated on plumbing page P3.1-IPC 106.3.1 **Provide drainage/grading plan. Storm not shown on Utility page Or provide note on P3.1
Storm continuation not part of this permit review**
11/20/2023 Fire New Construction REQUIRES RESUBMIT -Verify the fire pump requirement. Code compliant fire pump room will most probably be required with floor drain, etc...

11/27/2023 Historic REQUIRES RESUBMIT Plans should be revised to include a statement that an archaeologist will be present to monitor during construction for any potential subsurface historic remains.
11/22/2023 Site Engineering REQUIRES RESUBMIT 1. The building permit cannot be approved until the associated development package, TD-DEV-0523-00257, has been approved by all reviewing agencies.

Lianne Evans
11/22/2023 Site Zoning REQUIRES RESUBMIT FROM: Paul Camarena

PROJECT: TC-COM-0923-02239
20 E. Ochoa St. – C-3
New 7-story Apartment Building
(2nd Review)

TRANSMITTAL: November 22, 2023

COMMENTS: the following comments are relative to an application for Historic Review (UDC 5.8.8).

Please resubmit revised drawings and any redlined plans along with a detailed response letter, which states how all Zoning Review Section comments were addressed.

This site is located in the C-3 zone (UDC 4.9.22). Multifamily is a permitted use in this zone (Table 4.8-4).

1. Until development package (DP) TD-DEV-0523-00257 is approved by all review entities, Zoning cannot approve this permit.

2. Historic & Design Review must approve this building permit prior to Zoning approval.

If you have any questions about this transmittal, Contact Paul Camarena at (520)837-4986 or by email Paul.Camarena@tucsonaz.gov
10/27/2023 PDSD Application Completeness REVIEW COMPLETED