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Parcel: 13414020K

7889 E 22ND ST

Inspection Status: In Violation

Inspection History: COT - ENFC - Code Enforcement - Initial

Case Number - CE-VIO0123-01301
Inspection Description - COT - ENFC - Code Enforcement - Initial
Inspection Status - In Violation
Date Description Inspector Results Comments
01/08/2023 COT - ENFC - Code Enforcement - Initial In Violation Supervisor Laurie Pumphery had me check the site on peddlers on site, music playing on the property, dancing and selling of alcohol and drinking on the property. Not able to check for peddlers on permits due to has a plan being submitted and getting approved for the whole property. The plan shows the parking spaces, location of the peddlers, seating area and has a picnic area for eating in a play area for kids. There was no music and had a stereo playing while on site. Had a gentleman playing a guitar with a amp and had no dancing while on site. They do have kids from high schools that come at times and perform when asked. They have a store on site and they do sell alcohol for to go and not drink on the property. Will be checking on the status of the approval of the plans that have been submitted and shows that they are being checked for approval. Did meet with one of the manager for the property and showed me the site and answered all the questions that was asked. There is a permit for selling the alcohol from the store. The peddlers are working together on setting up to operate without disturbing other peddlers on selling. T.P.D. was on site to preserve the peace if required. Received information to call the manager at any time. There is no music, dancing or selling of alcohol to drink on site. Gave a card if need to call me. Will meet with supervisor on inspection. RV.